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Adelle Adams MAC, mANP-HC, CNM Dip.HC

Director | Consultant | Health Coach

Hello & Welcome! 

Over the last two decades, I've had an amazing career in the aerospace and defence industry, starting off as an aircraft engineer on Concorde in the 90's, then moving into simulation and cyber! As my career evolved, I got to travel the world, helping to set up client projects in Europe and the middle east, running a business unit in the USA and working with a number of companies to transform and grow. I've met some incredible people on my journey, learning a lot about myself, my goals and being a woman in business. I also had the privilege of helping others in their professional and personal goals along the way.


As I started to gather up more and more 'life commitments', it was time to reflect on what was important, how my priorities had changed (yes, that work-life balance). Undertaking a voyage of self-discovery; losing weight, gaining confidence, making some better lifestyle choices and feeling the health benefits! I realised the importance of wellbeing & acceptance and the impact it can make not just personally, but professionally too. This is where I found my passion! I'm now enjoying my forties, have the support of my wonderful hubby and like to think of myself as perfectly imperfect!

Why work with me? 

I know first-hand the challenges of working in a dynamic & high-pressured career and the impact it can have on your wellbeing & relationships. Whether you're looking for support with a specific health goal or maybe you're looking for a bit more balance, I'd like to help. My coaching aims to introduce clarity, self-motivation and accountability to move you toward a happier, healthier life. My approach focuses on getting to the heart of your lifestyle concerns; reviewing your diet, your sleep and how you keep active, co-creating coaching pathways that are realistic and achievable. 


I'm human! If there's been a hard way to figure something out, I've found it. Have there been times where I've lost my nerve and backed out? Yep, done that too. Have I ever felt like I've failed (life, love, work) or suffered from 'impostor syndrome'? You guessed it... 


I'm authentic. I've learned a lot, I've laughed & cried a lot and had some amazing adventures along the way. I've gained strength, resilience, tenacity and not forgetting courage! I'm sure at some point in my life I've been where you are now. Let my life lessons help you to navigate yours.


Finally, I want to help you feel what it's like to accomplish something you never thought possible. Knowing that if you truly believe in yourself you can make your dreams happen. It might take time, it won't always feel easy, but if you're ready to make that commitment and invest in living your best life, I can help you get there.

  • Qualified Health Coach (CNM Diploma Health Coach) - College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)

  • Certified Life & Wellbeing Coach (AC Accredited)Raw Horizons Wellbeing Coach Training Academy

  • Member of the UK Health Coaches Association, Association for Naturopathic Practitioners and the Association for Coaching

  • Qualified Engineer & Training Practitioner (Pg.Dip Ed Tech, PGCE, Dip.Eng, CertEd); specialising in learning technologies, adult learning, organisational development, individual coaching & mentoring

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